Principal Investigator


Dr. Anthony Dell

Ecologist - NGRREC
Affiliated Faculty - St Louis University
Visting Scholar - Washington University in St Louis

twitter: @tonyidell

My research aims to better understand how species interact with each other and the physical environment, and the effect of these interactions on populations, communities, and ecosystems. I am becoming increasingly interested in understanding how humans are altering these relationships, and identifying ways these effects can be ameliorated. Being based at NGRREC on the banks of the Mississippi River provides a unique opportunity to understand these issues in the context of large river systems. 



Dr. Brittany H. Ousterhout


Britt is a question driven ecologist who seeks to understand how population demography and environmental gradients affect the movement of individuals across the landscape, and ultimately, metapopulation persistence. She combines theory from animal behavior and population biology with experiments, field studies, and robust quantitative approaches to mechanistically understand the process of dispersal and predict the resulting patterns of population dynamics and gene flow. 


Dr. John M. Grady (Starts in November '18)

Postdoc - NGRREC


John is interested in linking biological levels of organization – from cells to ecosystems - across space and time. For instance, how do individual traits, such as body size or metabolic rate, drive emergent ecological properties, like abundance, diversity, and the division of resources? And what principles unify the variety of life? Johns work in our lab will be focused on the role of metabolic assymetry is structuring species interactions, and the distribution of species and their abundance through time and space.

Graduate Students


Ashley Olson

PhD Student - Federation University, Australia


Ashley is studying factors behind community assembly on Indo-Pacific islands. Using a unique dataset comprised of vertebrate distributions, as well as their trophic and evolutionary relationships, he hopes to determine what makes a successful colonist and the drivers behind species turnover in tropical island communities. 

Volunteers / Undergraduates / Interns

nick wells.JPG

Nicholas Wells

Summer Inter - NGRREC


Nick's summer project included monitoring of plastics in wild invertebrates, and a series of laboratory experiments to determine if plastic moves through aquatic food chains. 

hanna benson.JPG

Hanna Benson

Summer Inter - NGRREC


Hanna's summer project explored plastic pollution in local river samples, including different microhabitats such as open water and sediment.

Lab Alumni


Dr. Carl Cloyed (2015-2018) Worked on variations project related to movement ecology. Left for a postdoc position at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.

Dr. David Daversa (2015-2016) Worked on instraspecific variation in behavior of salamander larvae. Left for postdoc position at the University of Manchester. 

Dr. Tewodros Biresaw (2015-2016) Worked on all things computer vision related (system setup, automated tracking, behavioral annotation, etc). Left to work at autonomous vehicle development at Ford Motors.


Graduate Students

Tobias Lauermann (University of Göttingen) (2013-2014) The allometry of movement in a forest floor food web. 


Volunteers / Undergraduates / Interns

Elizabeth Green (Middlebury College) (Summer 2016) Movement ecology of amphibians.

Tracie Hayes (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) (Summer 2016) Temperature and size effects on movement and behavior in a freshwater snail. 

Oleksandr Loyko (City University of New York) (Summer 2016) Applications of 3D video (Microsoft Kinect) in ecology.

Laura Cappella (SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry) (Summer 2015) Used camera traps to monitor vertebrate assemble structure across the landscape. 

David Tilson (Virginia Polytechnic Institute) (Summer 2015) Used camera traps to monitor vertebrate assemble structure across the landscape. 

Ina-Kathrin Spey (University of Göttingen) (2013) Effects of temperature on use of a dispersal corridoor.

Sania Pouyanrad (UCLA) (2010-2012) Automated tracking of the functional response.

Dalit Yadegaran (UCLA) (2010-2012) Automated tracking of the functional response. 

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