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Moorea IDEA workshop in Berkeley

2014 11 23 Moorea_IDEA_.png

Tony just got back from the 3rd Moorea IDEA workshop in Berkeley. The goal of the Moorea Island Digital Ecosystem Avatar (IDEA) is development of the first ‘avatar’ (computational model/digital simulation) of a complete social-ecological system. The IDEA Project will build advanced computational models of a range of complex socio-ecological systems, particularly islands (coupled natural-human systems) and cities (built environment). Although modeling entire socio-ecological systems is still in its infancy, doing so will prove scientifically productive in the short-term and is societally essential in the long-term. The Moorea IDEA will incorporate observations, experiments, data, and theory across a coupled 4D marine-terrestrial landscape to model how physical, chemical, biological, and social processes interact to shape the island’s phenotype.

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