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new paper on the Moorea IDEA project

2016 03 21 Gigascience logo.jpg

Check out a new paper of ours describing the Moorea IDEA (Island Digitized Ecosystem Avatar) project, recently published in GigaScience (you can find a pdf of this paper on our PUBLICATIONS page).

"The IDEA Consortium is a systems ecology open science initiative to conduct the basic scientific research needed to build use-oriented simulations (avatars) of entire social-ecological systems. Islands are the most scientifically tractable places for these studies and we begin with one of the best known: Moorea, French Polynesia. The Moorea IDEA will be a sustainability simulator modeling links and feedbacks between climate, environment, biodiversity, and human activities across a coupled marine–terrestrial landscape. As a model system, the resulting knowledge and tools will improve our ability to predict human and natural change on Moorea and elsewhere at scales relevant to management/conservation actions."

You can read more about the Moorea IDEA consortium on its website, and in a recent Nature news piece.

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