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GRC conference on "Catchment Science"

2015 06 22 GRC catchment science.gif

Just back from a fantastic few days at the GRC conference on Catchment Science: Interactions of Hydrology, Biology and Geochemistry. This was all mostly new stuff considering the work we do in the lab, but it certainly represents a direction we'd like to take over the coming years. Hopefully this conference will become a regular feature on our lab calendar. More from the conference website:

Observing, predicting, and understanding the consequences and feedbacks of environmental thresholds are crucial for predicting future changes in catchment systems across interacting hydrological, biological and geochemical processes. This GRC will focus on new research, including thresholds, early warning indicators, and resilience using long-term data, experimental studies, theory, and modeling approaches to study the behavior of catchments systems under changing conditions such as climate variability or land use/cover changes.

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