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summer undergraduate internship available in my lab - deadline 23rd Jan

Applications due 23rd January.

I have a paid undergraduate intern position avaliable in my lab this summer - on a project using automated behavioral phenotyping to explore how environment influences the behavior of aquatic invertebrates. Using state-of-the-art experimental methods, the student will conduct laboratory experiments to test how temperature, light, turbidity, micro plastics, and/or pH influence the movement of aquatic invertebrates inhabiting wetlands, many of which play important roles in ecosystems. 

The internship starts with a week-long short course at NGRREC’s field station in East Alton, IL. At the end of the summer, students will present their work in a professional, two-day Intern Symposium attended by their peers, research advisors, and other professionals. 

To apply students will need to submit a general application here,  and will need to list my project as their preferred option (PROJECT #4 Using automated behavioral phenotyping to explore how environmental drivers influence the behavior of aquatic invertebrates, with implications for wetland conservation

More details about the program can be found here, or you can email me directly here.


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